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Lets Play F.E.A.R…..

You heard it. Today i shall start playing F.E.A.R.

I am not looking forward to it.

I will report back after i play it. Horay.

I’m scared. I havent even started playing it yet….



Playing Trackmania

I’m playing Trackmania Nations Forever at the moment, and have been for the past 4 years i think (a looong time if not).

Currently in the clan Funteam —>

Driving in the TmT tournament, so far so good for the clan to get out of the group stages 🙂

beat WoS 20-13: lost to YYT (dont know the score yet)

On Mappack 3 at the moment, 1 day in, looking good for a solid track to drive 😀

My New Shiny Gaming Blog.

Hello world, and welcome, to my new gaming blog!

My aim in this blog is to play and review games, as well as inform you on new gaming news, from GTA5 (who knows…) to Halo 3 on PC (please?). By playing games i will also write post-commentary to summarise what i did in game, and how scared i got/ how badly i did etc….

The main structure of my updates will be:

1) Games i’m playing and reviews

2) New releases and updates

3) Any other content that may be interesting to my audience!

Lastly i will leave the list of games that i am playing at the moment, sooooo:

F.E.A.R. (i HATE scary games, and so felt i should play one :D. If anyone can recommend me one i would be more than happy to play and review it!)

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (i know its old and DofW2 is out, but its one of my favourite RTS’s ^^. I really need to get Starcraft 2….)

Civilisation V (Another awesome strategy, maybe not the best of the series, but i like it ^^. And hell yeah on marathon; 1000’s of turns ftw :D)

Trackmania Nations Forever (My favourite racing game ever made, so simple yet so hard to master)

Crysis 2 (Need i say anything <3)

Remember! Subscribe and tell everyone who loves gaming about this blog 😀

On with the reviews. 😀