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Away for the day..

Just updating that i’m away today, however i should be able to finish my Trackmania Driving Guide part 5!

After i finish the whole guide i’ll put them all in one HUGE post 🙂

Also, after i finish sorting out my Uni accomodation i’m good to review review review 😀



New Trackmania Driving Guide!


I have decided to make a guide, which will involve LOADS of information on how to drive well in Trackmania. This guide is going to take a massive amount of time to write, but i’m still not sure whether to publish in sections or in one HUGE post..

Ideas would be appreciated ^^

Here it is, completed in all its glory!


Playing through some skirmishes on Dark Crusade today (i play NO up to date games aha), and it has occured to me after watching so much Starcraft 2, at how unbalanced the factions are.

It’s not unbalanced so one faction is rendered useless, but some factions definately suffer a disadvantage. For example, i played as Imperial Guard; having 4 groups of 13 guardsmen, with 5 grenade launchers in each squad. They were fully upgraded from the tactical control also. 52 guardsmen vs 18 Space marines with heavy bolters. Uh oh.

Beforehand, you would assume a Guardsmen win due to numbers, but the crazy anti-infantry of the Space Marines, and their crazy armour meant that i lost all my guardsmen to about 7 space marines. Pretty bad ratio. 7:1 if you want. But i hear you saying, ‘Imperial Guard are all vehicles!’, however, when compared with other vehicles, they really don’t make up for the units shortcomings.

I personally think also there are overpowered units, such as Necron infantry, e.g. Pariahs. These units are close combat specialists, however do have a decent range attack (around 45-55 i think). However, these are faster moving necron, which can reinforce super fast when Necron are at 100% production (with a monolith). It takes a fair amount of firepower to destroy a unit of Pariahs, and when they can reinforce in around 3.5 seconds, they can be next to impossible to kill off effectively, without losing an insane amount of units.

Another small difference in some armies is the ability to build turrets. All the factions have the ability to build turrets, apart from Tau. It can be argued that Tau have units that entrench and have devastating ranged attack thereafter, but that does disadvantage Tau in that they can’t mount an attack with a maxed army, and still have base defence. This means that in late game play, Tau have an army size disadvantage if they want to keep a defended base, if not, they’re at a disadvantage anyway..Solution: Let Tau have turrets. Simple 😀

I don’t consider this a weakness, but something that could be improved in the game. Some may disagree 🙂

The Imperial Guard should be given scouts, and their ‘Guardsmen’ should be buffed. This would allow the guardsmen to be much more solid, as well as give them scouting information which will not involve them losing a significant part of their army if caught. This would also give the Guard more flexibility as they wouldn’t have to bunch thier forces into one big ball to keep them alive. I’m also sure this wouldn’t overpower them, as they would still be weaker than other factions infantry, but due to higher numbers it would be more balanced.

Overall, i do think that most of the factions in Dawn of War are balanced, apart from the Imperial Guard, who do need buffing to become more competitive. I play Space Marines and find them to be effectvive against some factions (Orks), and do not do so well against others (Necron).



Card Magic Section.

I have indeed started to update this section again so i hope you all enjoy reading it 🙂

Played a free for all (4 players), with the 3 AI on horde (hard AI who masses infantry) on a 20km map.

I won. I think i’m the best SC player in the world. Or maybe just my house, pushing my street.

I was Aeon, vs 3 Cybran AIs, who teched up faster than me on the most part, and got experimentals faster than me (the flying Cybran elemental sucks), however i did get a tactical missile launcher (NUKE!) before anyone got tactical missile defence…

So that ended well for all of them. I had around 20 tech 3 power generators as well as around 20 tech 3 mass extractors, and so i put around 20 builders on nuke building, and that was about that. I think the nuke silo had around 2000 kills.

Silo win.

The only issue i had with the actual game was the AI didn’t really seem to attack. I’m not sure if thats in game settings or that it is just a game bug? I guess i’ll find out in later games 🙂

On top of all this SC playing i’ve been driving on TM a fair bit. At the moment i’m trying to improve my Veryshort driving, to attempt to get into a very good VS driving clan; like Knights.

At the point of writing this, i actually finished this post, and my internet decided to cut out when i published it. It was seriously the best post in the world. Would have got me at least 2 million hits a week. I guess we’ll never know.

I’ve also bought Star Wars: Battlefront 2, just for a bit of casual gaming. Re live my Playstation 2 days. Oh yeah. I do really want a game that i can put some hours into and get to a decent standard on multiplayer as well, but i’m not really sure what to get. I’m thinking StarCraft 2, because the multiplayer is INSANE, however it’s £35 and i’m not sure i have the time to play it enough to improve at Uni. We shall see 🙂

On a completely random topic, i just bought an Accounting textbook for £35. Well for that i could have got SC2. Why world?

I also really need to update the Card Magic section of this blog, as i haven’t updated it for ages, and i’ve actually been doing a fair amount of practice 🙂

My next review: You decide; or i might do a review of Minecraft 🙂


I am not a fan of driving games, but TrackMania Nations really has me hooked.

Just to start, there is a full version of this game, called Trackmania United, which features more enviroments and cars, but i’m sticking to Nations forever 🙂

Trackmania Nations Forever is a competitive driving game, based mostly online. Due to being online you will obviously need internet access to get the most out of the game. The online side of the game is based on a ‘ladder’ format, where you get a certain amount of points for where you finish, based on your world rank compared to who you beat world ranks. This gives everyone in the game something to aim for, and also a challenge if they wish to pursue it 🙂

In game, all the cars are indentical, in acceleration, top speed, breaks etc, and so all driving skill is down to the driver and not buffing up your car with crazy engine add ons. This is nice as it keeps the game fair as well as very competitive which is great for online players. You can download different skins off Trackmania Carpark (google it), from awesome looking car skins to the road runner.

When driving, there are several different types of track/map you can drive. All of the maps have a majority of the same track parts, they just hav to be driven differently to get the fastest time possible. For example, fullspeed track contains loads of loops and speed boosts, unlike a tech track which can still have speed boosts, but much more ‘tech’nical turns, and complex turning sequences. Different types of track appeal to different people, so which ever type of track you enjoy driving the most you should drive, or you could build one. Yep you heard me.

TMN comes with a built in track builder, which allows you to design any track your imagination can come up with. The best part is that after you completed your beloved track, you can upload it online and people can use it on their servers, for everyone else to drive online 😀

Trackbuilding in TMN has a very nice layout, with all the different parts of track put into different sections so you can find the parts of the track you want easily. Another nice feature of the builder is that you actually build the track in the stadium that you’re going to drive in. This gives you a nice idea of the size of the track you’re making, as well as how it’s going to look to the people who are going to drive it. You can also set the time of day, and to change the lighting your track recieves as well as many other neat little options.

Graphics are a big thing to most gamers (i prefer gameplay over graphics, call me old school), so modern games have to have fine details linked with smooth gameplay. And i’m pretty sure Trackmania delivers with ease. To start off, the enviroment in which TM is staged is simple, yet has smooth shadow and blur effects, and well as very stand out colours. This helps the fast pace of the game integrate with the enviroment, with colours zooming past your eyes as well as you trying to concetrate on driving the track as well as you can. The water and grass effects are also nice, with induvidual blades of grass and realistic water effects, which you can skim your car on if you’re going fast enough (this effect is even used in some tracks).

For TM gameplay, there are several modes which you drive in, which gives added replayability also. The most common mode is time attack, in which you are given a certain amount of time (normally 5:00) to drive the fastest time you can on a certain track. This is a less pressured game mode as you aren’t pressured to drive consistently. The more pressured game mode is rounds, where you get one chance to drive one lap. The lap then resets after everyone has either finished, reset or left/gone to spectator, and you can try again next lap. This is commonly used during competitions between clans, as you need to be a much more consistent and a better drive to able to compete.

The controls in TM are generic driving controls, with the arrow keys used for direction. However, if you plan to drive as fast as you can, it is a lot more effective to move your break to left ctrl. This allows for easier power drifting (accelerating and breaking at the same time), which allows for much faster driving. You can also use a console for driving, such as a 360 controller, which allows for a finer degree for turning, which also allows you to drive faster (however the transition from driving with a keyboard to driving with a ‘pad’ takes a lot of time, be warned!).

Overall, Trackmania Nations Forever is a very fun game to play, from the people you meet online, to the intense races that you loose out on by 0.01 of a second (that can be frustrating). Trackmania is a game of drifting at the right moments (apart from fullspeed tracks xD), and so requires a hell of a lot of skill, as well as focus and training. Well up their with my favourite games of all time. TM forever.


More Reviews!

Just a quick update to tell you all i’m going to be doing far more game reviews as of now; because i’m pretty sure thats what people would like 🙂

I’m still going to be doing general gaming updates on my progress through games, as well as my card magic section (that is starting back up now i have time 🙂 ), and so this blog is about to become very very active 😀


Supreme Commander (2)

How’s it going?

I’m a Supreme Commander prodigy.

Haha maybe not, i did win on easy though, so watch out world. I’m serious.

I decided i don’t like the Cybran anymore, i only like thier experimentals, so i’m with Aeon at the moment, who seem much better 🙂

I’m currently on a 1 vs 1 on a 20km map, Aeon vs Aeon on medium. I’m currently in the lead on points, however he does have a much larger military than me after i scouted him out, but thats cool, i have some vision if he chooses to attack (some, around 1 minute to react).

Lastly, my Trackmania Nations Forever review should be up tomorrow!


Supreme Commander

Hell yeah Sup Com arrived today.

I’m going to play a huge skirmish tomorrow so we shall see how that goes, and i will report back 🙂

Probably a 1 vs 1 we shall see, i need to get used to the massive amount of options available.

ALSO, i think i’m going to play as the Cybran, as i really like their experimentals (Monkeylord win), and they are more skirmish rather than full on attack.

I’m listening to Glee live at the x factor.

What the hell is wrong with me.

Turtling supreme commander starts tomorrow, as well as the loss of my social life and hygiene.

I’m joking, but i love supreme commander. More than my friends.

HAHA, no really, about the same.

Roll on tomorrow 🙂

General Updates.

What an eye catching title. It was the best i could think of haha.

Right then. Results day today. Oh man. I’m so nervous haha 😦

But hopefully i’ll be fine. Not sure if my results are going on here. Depends how things go haha.

ALSO, Supreme Commander is arriving tomorrow! I have played it before but not for long, so i look forward to start a new massive skirmish 😀

It really looks like the best RTS i’ve ever come across, with LOADS of base building and massive armies, so i reckon i can spend a whole lot of hours playing it.

I have alse been playing Trackmania Nations Forever (review coming soon), as well as completing the 2nd mission of Republic Commando; now on Kashyyyk with a bunch load of Wookies and slavers fighting.

Got into uni 😀 Going to portsmouth so i’m happy with that 🙂

If you have any suggestions of games you want me to review then please leave a comment as i would be happy to review them for you 🙂