Hi everyone, because you’re looking at a computer screen, and not actually at myself, i felt it would be a good idea to tell you about me.

I’m male, with brown hair. Around 6 foot tall, and 11 stone.

Thats pretty much all there is to tell…


Past all the A levels, going to Uni blah blah blah.. there issssssss the GAMING WORLD! 😀

Ever since i played on a sega mega drive, i’ve been a huge geek at heart, everyone around me knows it, and i’m proud 😀

So i’m 18 now, still happily flowing with the gaming world, still waiting to go to e3 (as every geek/nerd/gamer has to in their life), sitting at my PC, now blogging my ever random thoughts onto my PC screen, to see if anyone wants to sacrafice at least 2:17 of their life to read.

In my opinion, thats 2 minutes well spent. I’m going to read this 18 times after i finish writing. I may even make a song. Lets go 30 seconds to mars.

Slightly gone off topic to the about me section.. HOWEVER, if there is anything you may wish to know, or demand to know, depending on what type of person your are, i’ll most likely be happy to share. Because as you see, i can stick to a subject for around 30 seconds till i derail horribly and start talking about something else, like Age of empires, or freakin’ SKYRIM! 😀