This section is all about current and new techniques that i am learning to do with card magic; as well as my progression for more simple, to harder skills.

It will be interesting to see how it goes, and so hopefully you will have as much pleasure reading as i do attempting to learn the techniques!

I am learning all my techniques from: <– This book. (Jean Hugard + Frederick Braue).

I am using Bicycle Cards to practice with, as they seem to be very durable as well as cheap 😀

***I do not intend to give away how any of the tricks or techniques are performed; nor give away free information from the book, as you need to buy it!*** (I hope you respect this decision).

I’ll put the current technique that i am learning in bold 🙂


28/08/2011 — The Riffle Shuffle

I am really struggling with doing the riffle shuffle in the air..

I can do it fine on a surface, and i do get a decent shuffle with the cards, however when i do it in the air i can’t seem to manage to get the cards to interlock. This is because i can’t release the cards on their own, they seem to just fall down in packs which gets REALLY annoying. Therefore, i can’t shuffle the cards if i am doing a Riffle shuffle in the air.

So my only progress in 2 days is that i can now do a riffle shuffle 70% of the time on a suface. Oh dear..

Anway, my Trackmania driving guide is taking up the majority of my time at the moment so i can get back to card magic and game reviews when i have finished it 😀



25/08/2011 — The Riffle Shuffle

Uh oh. After learning a couple of tricks that i can perform with the overhand shuffle, i am moving on to the riffle shuffle. It is so hard to start with haha, i can’t get a consistent release. If you don’t know what i mean by the Riffle shuffle, it is the shuffle where you halve the deck, and use your thumbs to release the cards into each other. This takes a bit of time to get consistent so i guess its back to practice for me haha.

I did learn some nice tricks with the overhand shuffle though, and i’m pretty happy at how consistent i am with injogging and all the other techniques, so 😀

Slow and steady wins the race.

Did i really just put that.

The OverHand Shuffle


Starting to learn tricks 😀

There is nothing like the feeling of learning and perfecting a new trick, and a day in its not going at all badly.

Obviously i’m learning tricks at the moment which incorperate the overhand shuffle and that only have one real sleight, however if performed well, with a good act, the trick would still cause an audience to be shocked, and you have to start somewhere right?

It is also helping with injogging and running the cards, as well as basic control, so practice as well as learning tricks is working well 🙂

The riffle shuffle is coming up soon, I’m going to drop the whole deck every single time haha.


Unfortunately it was just a day of practice and so not a hell of a lot i can write about.

When i have time i am definately moving on to some simple tricks, i’m pretty sure learning tricks is better than just practicing (or more fun anyway), so that is the plan.

Sorry for the lack of letters, its been a busy day!


Injogging isn’t as bad as i thought it would be. Managed to get roughly another hour of practice in, which has allowed me to get used to the action of injogging. The problem i have is the length at which the card protrudes, but i’m pretty sure that will come with time 🙂

I can manage to run through the entire deck without any mistakes (90% of the time), which i’m pretty happy with, so any tricks i am upcoming to learn using the run should be ok to perform 😀

As everyone does, i’m getting tempted to buy random tricks, most of which i’ll probably never use much..
However i am still staying with what i said at the start and am still just focusing on card magic, i don’t have any money to waste haha (it may not be a waste, but i don’t think i’m quite at the stage for more major tricks).

Everything else still going smooth; still having the problem of cards holding on to each other which leads to messy shuffling sometimes but i WILL iron that out. Yay practice.. 😀


In depth card magic starts here.

Around an hour today of ‘The run’ and card control, with pretty good results.

I’m fairly confident in being able to succesfully complete these sleights 90% of the time, however, i know it needs to be 99.9% or 100% so practice is still required. However, as i practice tricks i can also practice the sleights which will lead to a much higher success rate.

One problem i am having however is when picking up a section of the deck to shuffle off, some cards ‘stick’ or hold onto the other cards, and so protrude from the deck or even fall onto the ground. This is obviously bad as it ruins the pattern as well as the momentum of the shuffle and so if you’re reading this and can offer me any tips i would be incredibly grateful!

Running the cards is getting a lot easier with a fair amount of practice. The sleight itself is simple; yet making it appear as casual as possible and give nothing away to your audience is harder, but i’m pretty sure it is a lot easier over time.

Injogging tomorrow, i’m not sure how well its going to go, it looks quite challenging to a begginer like me…


We are progressing!

After having a week of the overhand shuffle controls (top and bottom card), i am starting to move on to injogging and running the cards.

I am still intent on staying with one or two books so i don’t get distracted from card magic, as i want to learn it well, rather than skim over it and be really sloppy 🙂

Pure practice tomorrow!


Unfortunately did not have much time today, and so i will update my progress tomorrow so check back then!


Started to control the top and bottom card together, as well as on thier own, so i can vary the shuffle to make it more convincing.

Taking the card from the bottom of the deck seems to be much harder than from the top though.. Not sure if that is just me however 🙂

Moreeee practice over the weekend, tomorrow is a busy day..


Sorry, i stuck with the controls, but i’m pretty confident i can perform them 90%+ of the time, so i’m happy with that!

Starting to progress, tomorrow will definately be some new technique (to do with the overhand shuffle).

I look forward to it 😀


No new techniques as of yet, just trying to get very consistent with the controls i’m performing now, no need to rush 😀

Shuffling is becoming much more natural, and so maybe something new tomorrow, we shall see..


Control of the top card has commenced!

With the correct grip as well as natural speed; it is hard to learn to start with, however i could tell i was improving as the day went on, so hopefully tomorrow will be just as productive!

Still make a few mistakes in shuffling e.g. rushing, so i’ll have to start off slow and then speed it up..

Check back!


Didn’t have a lot of time today, however i still managed to get used to the grip on the deck, as well as proper shuffle technique.

Hooking my right index finger to hold the cards feels awkward at the moment but hopefully i will get used to it!

Controls start tomorrow 😀


It starts tonight!

My packs of bicycle playing cards have arrived (3 Red 3 Blue); and with book in hand i am ready to start learning the tricks of the trade.

Starting with basic top and bottom card control; i don’t expect to learn it staright away so here we go!