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I’m pretty sure i don’t want to play this game.

It looks so scary, and i suck at playing scary games. I hate them.

However, i think it would be hilarious to play it. Maybe.

I’ve played through F.E.A.R. mostly, and that wasn’t too bad, however i did shout a fair few times..

Nightmare House 2 looks so much worse than F.E.A.R though, so i’m not sure if i’m man enough to play it haha.

Its the scary little orphan girl that gets me. Zombies are ok. Scary orphan girl; no. I would gladly shoot that little girl. In the nicest way possible of course.

I’m pretty sure this game would challenge my manhood; so maybe i would come out after playing this a MAN. Or a terrified crying man. I’m thinking the latter.

If you have any preference of me playing this game, leave a comment and i will 😀



Playing through some skirmishes on Dark Crusade today (i play NO up to date games aha), and it has occured to me after watching so much Starcraft 2, at how unbalanced the factions are.

It’s not unbalanced so one faction is rendered useless, but some factions definately suffer a disadvantage. For example, i played as Imperial Guard; having 4 groups of 13 guardsmen, with 5 grenade launchers in each squad. They were fully upgraded from the tactical control also. 52 guardsmen vs 18 Space marines with heavy bolters. Uh oh.

Beforehand, you would assume a Guardsmen win due to numbers, but the crazy anti-infantry of the Space Marines, and their crazy armour meant that i lost all my guardsmen to about 7 space marines. Pretty bad ratio. 7:1 if you want. But i hear you saying, ‘Imperial Guard are all vehicles!’, however, when compared with other vehicles, they really don’t make up for the units shortcomings.

I personally think also there are overpowered units, such as Necron infantry, e.g. Pariahs. These units are close combat specialists, however do have a decent range attack (around 45-55 i think). However, these are faster moving necron, which can reinforce super fast when Necron are at 100% production (with a monolith). It takes a fair amount of firepower to destroy a unit of Pariahs, and when they can reinforce in around 3.5 seconds, they can be next to impossible to kill off effectively, without losing an insane amount of units.

Another small difference in some armies is the ability to build turrets. All the factions have the ability to build turrets, apart from Tau. It can be argued that Tau have units that entrench and have devastating ranged attack thereafter, but that does disadvantage Tau in that they can’t mount an attack with a maxed army, and still have base defence. This means that in late game play, Tau have an army size disadvantage if they want to keep a defended base, if not, they’re at a disadvantage anyway..Solution: Let Tau have turrets. Simple 😀

I don’t consider this a weakness, but something that could be improved in the game. Some may disagree 🙂

The Imperial Guard should be given scouts, and their ‘Guardsmen’ should be buffed. This would allow the guardsmen to be much more solid, as well as give them scouting information which will not involve them losing a significant part of their army if caught. This would also give the Guard more flexibility as they wouldn’t have to bunch thier forces into one big ball to keep them alive. I’m also sure this wouldn’t overpower them, as they would still be weaker than other factions infantry, but due to higher numbers it would be more balanced.

Overall, i do think that most of the factions in Dawn of War are balanced, apart from the Imperial Guard, who do need buffing to become more competitive. I play Space Marines and find them to be effectvive against some factions (Orks), and do not do so well against others (Necron).



Played a free for all (4 players), with the 3 AI on horde (hard AI who masses infantry) on a 20km map.

I won. I think i’m the best SC player in the world. Or maybe just my house, pushing my street.

I was Aeon, vs 3 Cybran AIs, who teched up faster than me on the most part, and got experimentals faster than me (the flying Cybran elemental sucks), however i did get a tactical missile launcher (NUKE!) before anyone got tactical missile defence…

So that ended well for all of them. I had around 20 tech 3 power generators as well as around 20 tech 3 mass extractors, and so i put around 20 builders on nuke building, and that was about that. I think the nuke silo had around 2000 kills.

Silo win.

The only issue i had with the actual game was the AI didn’t really seem to attack. I’m not sure if thats in game settings or that it is just a game bug? I guess i’ll find out in later games 🙂

On top of all this SC playing i’ve been driving on TM a fair bit. At the moment i’m trying to improve my Veryshort driving, to attempt to get into a very good VS driving clan; like Knights.

At the point of writing this, i actually finished this post, and my internet decided to cut out when i published it. It was seriously the best post in the world. Would have got me at least 2 million hits a week. I guess we’ll never know.

I’ve also bought Star Wars: Battlefront 2, just for a bit of casual gaming. Re live my Playstation 2 days. Oh yeah. I do really want a game that i can put some hours into and get to a decent standard on multiplayer as well, but i’m not really sure what to get. I’m thinking StarCraft 2, because the multiplayer is INSANE, however it’s £35 and i’m not sure i have the time to play it enough to improve at Uni. We shall see 🙂

On a completely random topic, i just bought an Accounting textbook for £35. Well for that i could have got SC2. Why world?

I also really need to update the Card Magic section of this blog, as i haven’t updated it for ages, and i’ve actually been doing a fair amount of practice 🙂

My next review: You decide; or i might do a review of Minecraft 🙂


Supreme Commander (2)

How’s it going?

I’m a Supreme Commander prodigy.

Haha maybe not, i did win on easy though, so watch out world. I’m serious.

I decided i don’t like the Cybran anymore, i only like thier experimentals, so i’m with Aeon at the moment, who seem much better 🙂

I’m currently on a 1 vs 1 on a 20km map, Aeon vs Aeon on medium. I’m currently in the lead on points, however he does have a much larger military than me after i scouted him out, but thats cool, i have some vision if he chooses to attack (some, around 1 minute to react).

Lastly, my Trackmania Nations Forever review should be up tomorrow!


I’ve been playing Trackmania for around 3 years (i think) now, and so i thought i would document my progress 🙂

Hell yeah.

I’m a decent driver; nothing special but i like to think i’m above average 🙂

For all you TM drivers out there, you know what i mean when i say drive for Dedi (if not, its the top 30 online times driven on each track), so getting them is hard, but fun 🙂

I drive VeryShort maps at the moment (if you didn’t guess, it means they are very short maps, e.g. below 20ish seconds), which provide a dedent challenge so i’m happy haha. Good old ending a poor sentence.

Right then, back to a bit of driving!

Another committed effort to the Republic. Job well done.

Still searching the assault ship, and keep bumping into some sort of frog alien (they do have a name..), who seem to love running at me with swords drawn, which is fine by me.

Until i run out of ammo….

I did resort to using anti armour against frog men. It is suprisingly effective, apart from the fact i only have 4 shells, so not effective for too long.

I did meet a big armoured frog man, who had a sort-of minigun (like the clone commander for Battlefront 2), who was pretty hard to kill, especially with a blaster pistol (boo yah).

I managed to find and recover all of my Delta squad (who specialise in dying), and then take out the jammer that was stopping transmissions to my team (it was a super battle droid haven in that hanger), and i’m currently searching for the enemy drop ship.

Its going pretty well, i’m going to put it back up to medium i think haha, i’m way too pro for easy 😉

Good Game Star Wars. Epic stuff.

Star Wars: Republic Commando

I have just started to play Star Wars: Republic Commando, and i have just reached the second mission. The first mission was Geonosis but i have completed that just before i started my commentary so here we are 😀

Here we go with my insane (ly bad) FPS skills. I’m coming CIS.

Hell yeah i did it. And i didn’t turn it down to easy..

Ok i did.

I managed to do the Geonosian mission although i did die a fair amount on it, i am good at that part of the game. Thank you.

I’m currently on the 2nd mission which includes an abandoned Republic assault ship and me scouting it. The annoying thing however is the small droids that silently kill you. I nearly did die just because i was paying very little attention and my health was disappearing. Not good.

Anywayy, for once i am enjoying a FPS and so far it is going so badly. So overall, i like it 😀