Played a free for all (4 players), with the 3 AI on horde (hard AI who masses infantry) on a 20km map.

I won. I think i’m the best SC player in the world. Or maybe just my house, pushing my street.

I was Aeon, vs 3 Cybran AIs, who teched up faster than me on the most part, and got experimentals faster than me (the flying Cybran elemental sucks), however i did get a tactical missile launcher (NUKE!) before anyone got tactical missile defence…

So that ended well for all of them. I had around 20 tech 3 power generators as well as around 20 tech 3 mass extractors, and so i put around 20 builders on nuke building, and that was about that. I think the nuke silo had around 2000 kills.

Silo win.

The only issue i had with the actual game was the AI didn’t really seem to attack. I’m not sure if thats in game settings or that it is just a game bug? I guess i’ll find out in later games 🙂

On top of all this SC playing i’ve been driving on TM a fair bit. At the moment i’m trying to improve my Veryshort driving, to attempt to get into a very good VS driving clan; like Knights.

At the point of writing this, i actually finished this post, and my internet decided to cut out when i published it. It was seriously the best post in the world. Would have got me at least 2 million hits a week. I guess we’ll never know.

I’ve also bought Star Wars: Battlefront 2, just for a bit of casual gaming. Re live my Playstation 2 days. Oh yeah. I do really want a game that i can put some hours into and get to a decent standard on multiplayer as well, but i’m not really sure what to get. I’m thinking StarCraft 2, because the multiplayer is INSANE, however it’s £35 and i’m not sure i have the time to play it enough to improve at Uni. We shall see 🙂

On a completely random topic, i just bought an Accounting textbook for £35. Well for that i could have got SC2. Why world?

I also really need to update the Card Magic section of this blog, as i haven’t updated it for ages, and i’ve actually been doing a fair amount of practice 🙂

My next review: You decide; or i might do a review of Minecraft 🙂