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Playing through some skirmishes on Dark Crusade today (i play NO up to date games aha), and it has occured to me after watching so much Starcraft 2, at how unbalanced the factions are.

It’s not unbalanced so one faction is rendered useless, but some factions definately suffer a disadvantage. For example, i played as Imperial Guard; having 4 groups of 13 guardsmen, with 5 grenade launchers in each squad. They were fully upgraded from the tactical control also. 52 guardsmen vs 18 Space marines with heavy bolters. Uh oh.

Beforehand, you would assume a Guardsmen win due to numbers, but the crazy anti-infantry of the Space Marines, and their crazy armour meant that i lost all my guardsmen to about 7 space marines. Pretty bad ratio. 7:1 if you want. But i hear you saying, ‘Imperial Guard are all vehicles!’, however, when compared with other vehicles, they really don’t make up for the units shortcomings.

I personally think also there are overpowered units, such as Necron infantry, e.g. Pariahs. These units are close combat specialists, however do have a decent range attack (around 45-55 i think). However, these are faster moving necron, which can reinforce super fast when Necron are at 100% production (with a monolith). It takes a fair amount of firepower to destroy a unit of Pariahs, and when they can reinforce in around 3.5 seconds, they can be next to impossible to kill off effectively, without losing an insane amount of units.

Another small difference in some armies is the ability to build turrets. All the factions have the ability to build turrets, apart from Tau. It can be argued that Tau have units that entrench and have devastating ranged attack thereafter, but that does disadvantage Tau in that they can’t mount an attack with a maxed army, and still have base defence. This means that in late game play, Tau have an army size disadvantage if they want to keep a defended base, if not, they’re at a disadvantage anyway..Solution: Let Tau have turrets. Simple 😀

I don’t consider this a weakness, but something that could be improved in the game. Some may disagree 🙂

The Imperial Guard should be given scouts, and their ‘Guardsmen’ should be buffed. This would allow the guardsmen to be much more solid, as well as give them scouting information which will not involve them losing a significant part of their army if caught. This would also give the Guard more flexibility as they wouldn’t have to bunch thier forces into one big ball to keep them alive. I’m also sure this wouldn’t overpower them, as they would still be weaker than other factions infantry, but due to higher numbers it would be more balanced.

Overall, i do think that most of the factions in Dawn of War are balanced, apart from the Imperial Guard, who do need buffing to become more competitive. I play Space Marines and find them to be effectvive against some factions (Orks), and do not do so well against others (Necron).




Star Wars: Republic Commando

I have just started to play Star Wars: Republic Commando, and i have just reached the second mission. The first mission was Geonosis but i have completed that just before i started my commentary so here we are 😀

Here we go with my insane (ly bad) FPS skills. I’m coming CIS.

Hell yeah i did it. And i didn’t turn it down to easy..

Ok i did.

I managed to do the Geonosian mission although i did die a fair amount on it, i am good at that part of the game. Thank you.

I’m currently on the 2nd mission which includes an abandoned Republic assault ship and me scouting it. The annoying thing however is the small droids that silently kill you. I nearly did die just because i was paying very little attention and my health was disappearing. Not good.

Anywayy, for once i am enjoying a FPS and so far it is going so badly. So overall, i like it 😀