Star Wars: Republic Commando

I have just started to play Star Wars: Republic Commando, and i have just reached the second mission. The first mission was Geonosis but i have completed that just before i started my commentary so here we are 😀

Here we go with my insane (ly bad) FPS skills. I’m coming CIS.

Hell yeah i did it. And i didn’t turn it down to easy..

Ok i did.

I managed to do the Geonosian mission although i did die a fair amount on it, i am good at that part of the game. Thank you.

I’m currently on the 2nd mission which includes an abandoned Republic assault ship and me scouting it. The annoying thing however is the small droids that silently kill you. I nearly did die just because i was paying very little attention and my health was disappearing. Not good.

Anywayy, for once i am enjoying a FPS and so far it is going so badly. So overall, i like it 😀