This is a new feature i’m now doing, where i revew a flash game in which i have dedicated a part of my life to becoming a pro at; and maybe if you like the review, you might well join me!

Tennis Flash Game

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What a game. If you enjoy random flash games that burn 20 minutes, you really should try this game.

Tennis Flash Game is all about you trying to beat your opponent to 3 games with normal tennis rules.

Sound boring? I thought so till i played at; i was suprised at how addicting this game actually was.

There are 2 modes to this game; Single Player and Tournament. Single player allows you to choose your stats (forehand, backhand, serve, footwork) and your opponents stats; which means you can make everyone have an awful ground game, but awesome footwork. Makes for a pretty intense game….

A good challenge on single player is to set ALL your stats to 1, and all your opponents stats to 10, and see if you can win. Try and win 3-0, that should burn 20-30 minutes 😀

The tournament mode allows you to take control of a real life tennis player, with pre-set stats, to see if you can win the Tournament. This involves 4 games; Graf and Venus being the best players, and so if you want a ‘challenge’, be one of the worst players and see if you can win the tournament without dropping one game. Although playing single player with all your stats at one is much harder.

The controls in thes game are very easy to use; using the arrow keys to move and space to hit the ball. Thats all there is to it. No fancy tricks. Although you do use the arrow keys to choose where you want to hit the ball. Crazy stuff. Multi-tennis-tasking-ball-hitting skills right there.

The graphics in this game are unreal. The players have 2 arms and 2 legs and look like they are running on ice. So if you love high end games with realistic graphics, this game is totally for you. Best of the year so far. Trust me.

Overall this game is very enjoyable for 20 minutes of messing around. If you like this review (slightly less serious), then leave a comment and i’ll make more 😀